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  suroh 1fa0c662a9 upadted radio submission 2 years ago
  suroh 47c9497d1e Attempts at making a multi-track looper for Norns. Mostly unsuccessful. 2 years ago
  suroh e31e48e3ea Fixed formatting errors in README. Added link to Norns. 2 years ago
  suroh 7532002fdb Updated some functions, removed Voice 1 reverse on acount of glitching. Updated README. 2 years ago
  suroh b504f8daee Created initial file to learn lua for norns. 2 years ago
  suroh 937c8a4551 post graduation update of git repo. New javascript for unfinished game controller interface, some utilities, and a jack setup for gig. 2 years ago
  suroh fba580fb4e now have two distinct instruments that can be created but there are performance issues. 2 years ago
  suroh 474c5907d6 fixed notest stopping when removed from canvas. Created a music room of instruments to call 2 years ago
  suroh 1ad0e061f2 Cleaned up classes using extends and in turn started creating new voices. 2 years ago
  suroh 9fc9b90eb7 Merge branch 'master' of workflow:/var/www/code/audioTools 2 years ago
  suroh cec0fa26a4 added OSC tester 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 6d78c41ddb updated WdKA installation to be less sensitive 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 52c698741f added some more functionality and changed the threshold that fiddle engages with 2 years ago
  suroh fe2d90e1e4 created small test for WdKA pd sketch for record replacement. TODO: add in OSC and/or controller support 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 8eb8fd6b90 created WdKA installation pd patch 2 years ago
  suroh dcfdbf9ce5 forgot to add in the loading of orchestra for latecomers 2 years ago
  suroh e8e575c7af fixed the colleagues and orchestra objects to reflect the same structure as the client performers. Now everything is queried in the same way. 2 years ago
  suroh 9fa221a1c6 fixed issue where instruments were not being made per controller 2 years ago
  suroh e724136aa0 fixed issue where instruments were not being made per controller 2 years ago
  suroh 891cc2f066 fixed issue where instruments were not being made per controller 2 years ago
  suroh bc9a236a5f fixed overseen issues where incorrect variable names were being called in sockets. Removed some console.logging 2 years ago
  suroh ed13c7cddd pushing to external server for more reliable testing 2 years ago
  suroh 014572faa2 fixed issue where instruments were being called before being made. 2 years ago
  suroh 3786b35656 debugging console.logs added 2 years ago
  suroh 9212281631 added beginning of droner object. Still no audio just to test performance on remote server 2 years ago
  suroh 7777c38d93 returning port back to original setting 2 years ago
  suroh ae87042d3d trying to find a naturally open port to send OSC messages over 2 years ago
  suroh 9e2a32d212 started working on updated interaction using websockets, html5 canvas, audio Web API, Gamepad API and OSC. Committing to test deploy on VPS. 2 years ago
  suroh ac2a8fb7dc Merge branch 'master' of workflow:/var/www/code/audioTools after being worked on iDeb 2 years ago
  suroh 4371596cd6 started creating performer node setup for graduation 2 years ago
  suroh 50f7d3d8e7 played around with the sequencer to work with sockets, think it might be easier to kill my babies and start afresh 2 years ago
  suroh 71bdafa7ad removed redundant folders from jacksettings folder. 2 years ago
  suroh c2bc3f57bc updated polySeq to correctly map to controllers in Manjaro 2 years ago
  Max Franlin ff8bb68f78 updated patches and created new one for initial ALMAT performance in Bergen, NO. very fragile panning tool added, as well as better routing to follower and looper, and all patches that I have been experimenting with have been combined into one. For patch control I am using HID game controller in pd 2 years ago
  suroh 6900587dd0 updates, text test, and controller issues. 2 years ago
  suroh 68e5331270 with help from Michael have changed the sequencer's function. Added ability to drag points, and adding and removing is working too. Added delay to voices - this may not stay. 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 6e579a5a71 batteries running out... 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 59f5085457 updates stuff 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 6ed31eff1a sequence almost working in time. Boop animation working so can see triggers, but there is an irregularity of firing. Also the synth voice is clipping horribly." 2 years ago
  Max Franlin 12dbfa813c updated player to work with adsr rather than drone. Added duration recording for sequencer 2 years ago
  suroh 69e246b010 Started polySeq version of controller music improvisation machine. Updated Marks.js and Mover.js with cleaner code and comments. 2 years ago
  suroh 0ffd69d39e added some commenting, cleaned up some animation and useless code 2 years ago
  suroh 39f505a5b0 started working on more animations. Tested multicontroller input and fixed some colors 2 years ago
  Max Franlin d4beedc154 created some game controller tests in an effort to build an inviting interactive improvisational experience 3 years ago
  suroh e05a809b6d updated euclid generator to work in TT 3 years ago
  Max Franlin 9fbe4eb5a3 updated pureData patches used at worm, and preparing for playing with TerminalTedium 3 years ago
  suroh 12202cb2ed Removed now ignored node_module folders 3 years ago
  Max Franklin 301bc7f4ca added SVG files 3 years ago
  Max Franklin 9452c101b9 added testing stream 3 years ago
  Max Franklin 1cfe257f4d updated nodeJS test combining canvas.js experiment with sockets and multiple users playing in their browsers 3 years ago