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An experiment using leaflet.js to make a cycle'diary'

Updated 11 months ago

Dat primary homepage. Using client side routing.

Updated 4 years ago

A simple webring to show the sketches and researches of 2019 PCA Generative _______ workshops.

Updated 4 years ago

Some experimentation and testing to interface with the Mopidy JSON-RPC API.

Updated 4 years ago

stone throw : Scanning/Erosion project w/ Amy Pickles

Updated 9 months ago

Image Coder for stone throw project.

Updated 2 years ago

An HTML/JS markdown to print tool that arranges the YAML front matter as a header table thingy...

Updated 3 years ago

The barebones of an audio interface to work with mopidy. Modularised handlebars partials to allow for easy layout and design.

Updated 4 years ago

A simple template to practice and experiment with templating and understand the fundamentals of content management systems.

Updated 4 years ago

MultiChannel webrtc glitchy audio thing.

Updated 4 years ago